NovaMed is led by Dr. Milena Dobreva who has over 20 years of academic, consultancy and evaluator experience. Milena built an international profile working on various topics around innovation and user experience in GLAM institutions. She is currently re-integrating in her native Bulgaria with a two-year project on innovation labs within the local GLAM sectors. Previously she worked in Scotland, Malta and Qatar. Since 2021, she is also a member of the Management Board of the Europeana Network Association.

Milena dedicates part of her free time to the newly created consultancy NovaMed (the name is a shortened portmanteau word coming from innovative media). Digital media are the current most popular form of technological innovation but over time they will be replaced by other technologies. Innovative media may also be a metaphor of unconventional communication avenues, not only of fancy technologies.

The projects of NovaMed do far involved international experts from Estonia and the UK.

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