A feast on digital heritage on 16-17 June in Rousse, Bulgaria

A two-day round table Application of ICT for digitisation, visualisation and popularisation of cultural heritage will take place in Rousse on 16-17 June 2021. The event is co-organised by Rousse University and the Rousse Regional museum of history and is generously supported by several other institutions and the Interreg project  ROBG-499 “Live, interactive and virtual environments for the museums of the lower Danube cross-border area between Romania and Bulgaria” (LIVE).

Assoc. Prof. Plamen Zahariev from the Department of Telecommunications of Rousse University is gradually building a team which works alongside museums on the application of 3D digitisation and modelling technologies. His team is also transferring these skills and competences within the eInfrastructure UNITe, Universities for Science, Informatics and Technologies in eSociety coordinated by Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski.

The programme of the event is a great combination of talks by academics and practitioners from multiple relevant stakeholders from Bulgaria and Romania. While this event marks the completion of the LIVE project, I hope that it will indeed open a new page of building large-scale collaborations between the institutions which already developed capacity in the domains of digitalisation, visualisation and popularisation and will also bring on board more institutions.

I am personally looking forward to present my work on disruptive technologies in the GLAM sectors (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) and the DISTILL project.

And while these days we can not expect a group of attendees in such elaborate costumes (and will wear our masks so a group photo needs to be quickly tagged while we remember who is who:), all of the participants will come to share stories about the tools we use to capture and share cultural heritage. Stay tuned for updates in real time from the event next week!

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