ORKG Curation Grant Competition

Back in 2005, Franco Moretti argued that the accumulation of literary works requires new methods for studying and exploring its contents because it was totally impossible for one scholar to read all texts published and analyse the trends over time. In the domain of the Humanities scholarships, this is one of the visionaries on what big Humanities data mean and how they can be tackled.

Vector illustration of ukrainian folk seamless pattern ornament. ethnic ornament. border element. traditional ukrainian, belarusian folk art knitted embroidery pattern - vyshyvanka Free Vector
Traditional embroidery pattern from Ukraine (free resource).
Not only their shape but also the effort to create them remind the work on creating knowledge graphs.

This same process is true also for the academic publications which numbers grow at unprecedented speed. An interesting current project explores how to organise the research literature in a way which clearly demonstrates the current level of knowledge and the answers to specific research questions.

ORKG offers an interesting approach introducing human curators who put together sets of publications in an environment which allows various useful visualisations.

Currently the project has a competition for curators who will contribute to gow the number of curated sets of papers seeking to answer research questions from different domains of knowledge. A good place to watch in the future!

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