Milena Dobreva featured in the report on digital transformation agenda and GLAMs by Culture24

“It is not organisations that struggle to change, it is people.” 

(p. 21)

In 2020, Europeana Foundation commissioned a report on the topic of digital transformation which was prepared by Culture24. The report is available  here

Milena Dobreva was one of the international experts interviewed during the report preparation by Jane Finnis from Culture24. The last book Milena contributed to,  ‘Open a GLAM Lab’, is also featured in the report.

Digital transformation is a complex concept – and Europeana defined it as follows:

Digital transformation is both the process and the result of using digital technology to transform how an organisation operates and delivers value. It helps an organisation to thrive, fulfil its mission and meet the needs of its stakeholders. It enables cultural heritage institutions to contribute to the transformation of a sector powered by digital and a Europe powered by culture.

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