Digital transformation… unnoticed…

There are numerous movies which feature galleries, libraries, archives and museums and the people working in these institutions. There were also documentaries and studies exploring what are the images captured and delivered in movies. A popular one about the libraries is ‘The Hollywood Librarian’ released back in 2007. Those who have seen the documentary probablyContinue reading “Digital transformation… unnoticed…”

Innovating Digital Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria

Предстоящо събитие на английски и български език, България и иновациите в областта на дигиталното културно и научно наследство Forthcoming event: Innovating the digital heritage of Bulgaria Национална e-инфраструктура за ресурси и технологии за българското езиково и културно наследство, интегрирана в рамките на CLARIN и DARIAH Университети за наука, информатика и технологии в е-обществото Проект Пробивни технологииContinue reading “Innovating Digital Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria”

Three main influences on the GLAM institutional strategies in 2021

Effective contemporary strategic development requires to integrate digital transformation with efficient inclusivity and diversion components on all strategic levels – and adapting to the new conditions of the pandemic times. Digital transformation Digital transformation is one of the major change agents across all sectors of human activity. For this consultancy, we adhere to the recentContinue reading “Three main influences on the GLAM institutional strategies in 2021”

Milena Dobreva featured in the report on digital transformation agenda and GLAMs by Culture24

“It is not organisations that struggle to change, it is people.”  (p. 21) In 2020, Europeana Foundation commissioned a report on the topic of digital transformation which was prepared by Culture24. The report is available  here.  Milena Dobreva was one of the international experts interviewed during the report preparation by Jane Finnis from Culture24. The last bookContinue reading “Milena Dobreva featured in the report on digital transformation agenda and GLAMs by Culture24”